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MU Origin 2’s latest update adds Elemental Properties, Guardian Pet Awakening and more

Webzen’s mobile MMORPG gets more killer content

MU Origin 2’s latest update adds Elemental Properties, Guardian Pet Awakening and more

MU Origin 2, the popular mobile MMORPG from Webzen, is rolling out its latest update and this one is jam-packed with new content. Highlights include the introduction of Elemental Properties, Guardian Pet Awakening, Elemental Challenges, and much more.

First up, Elemental Properties will add new defensive or attacking abilities for your character to harness. These are based around the core elements of earth, water, lightning, fire and wind, and they can be viewed through the ‘Elemental Fruit’ section of the ‘Character’ menu.

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Guardian Pet Awakening is another of the update’s headline additions. After reaching Master 1 level 11, players can access this feature and unlock their pets’ elemental abilities, giving them powerful combat properties and special skills. Guardian Pets have five different awakening levels and must be upgraded to reach each stage.

MU Origin 2’s 4.0 update also includes a new raid called the Elemental Challenge, which can be tackled solo or in a party. It’s for players who have reached Master 1 level 31 in Abyss World, and consists of a gauntlet run against respawning monsters and bosses. As usually, the points you and your party rack up can be exchanged for rewards when the raid is over.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of new features for higher-level players. A new guardian type, Zodiac Guardians, can be unlocked after level 340, and the Soul of Elements feature will be available after Master 1 level 50 to boost players’ Elemental Properties.

Moreover, the Trace of Star feature can be summoned after reaching character level 400 and activating 10 or more Zodiac Guardians so players who invest more time in the game can enhance their characters even further.

MU Origin 2 is free to download right now for both iOS and Android.