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Monsters University
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If Monsters University were a stereotypical college student in a Hollywood movie, it would be that dim-but-eager one who turns up at the reunion all primed to impress the popular kids with their cheeky antics - only to find that everyone else has grown up.

This movie sequel tie-in tries way too hard to capture some of that endless-runner magic, despite the fact that we've all moved on to bigger and better things.


Monsters University generously offers not one but two endless-runners in a single package.

You might wonder, as we did, why Disney Mobile didn't go with two entirely different game styles in order to inject a little variety and depth into proceedings.

As it is, the two games on offer here - Catch Archie and Toxicity Challenge - have a shared core of dodging and collecting stuff.

The running ham

In both games you swipe left, right, up, or down to run around, jump over, or duck under obstacles as they approach your character (Mike, Sulley, or Squishy).

Catch Archie is more of a constrained affair with a sort-of-side-on perspective. It has you chasing a pig-like mascot, and at the point of capture the view pulls in behind your character. At this point you must hold on for dear life, tapping left and right to keep a balance gauge centred.

Toxicity Challenge follows the Temple Run formula a little closer. Here you're squarely behind your running hero, switching between multiple lanes in a bid to finish each assault course in time.

In both games there are power-ups to collect, coins to spend on extra characters and perks, and a constant revolving door of sub-missions to wearily tick off. Just like every other game of this type.

Back to school

We've been pretty light on details here, and that's because there's really nothing much to discuss. These are two of the most generic, mediocre endless-runners we've played in recent times - and we've played more than a few.

There's a third game coming soon entitled Avoid The Parent, and the chances are we'll soon have three bog standard endless-runners bundled up in one licensed package.

To anyone who uses the, "but it's not for you - it's for the kids who watched the film and bought the action figure" excuse, we'd simply direct your attention to the splendid Toy Story: Smash It!

Which, to use our opening analogy, could be likened to the smart, self-assured student that everybody likes. It gets our vote for class president, while Monsters University is destined to be that one whose name you can never remember.

Monsters University

Monster University barely scrapes a pass with an underwhelming and repetitious duo of endless-runners. Could do better
Jon Mundy
Jon Mundy
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