The best iOS and Android updates this week - Motorsport Manager 2, Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two, hocus, and more

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The best iOS and Android updates this week - Motorsport Manager 2, Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two, hocus, and more

It's Wednesday and you know what that means. Aside from the week being half-over, it's also time to check out what updates have been flitting about this week. Granted, it's a little iOS-heavy but Android does sometimes take a little time to catch up.

From minor fixes to new episode releases, this list isn't done for just yet. No, there's still plenty of time left to see more awesome updates - including Death Road to Canada's EYEBALL update which launches tomorrow.

Abi: A Robot's Tale

  • Publisher: Lilith Games
  • Platform: iOS

This one's a bit of a quickie as Lilith Games takes to their adventure game, Abi, and tweaks a few little details. The Audio sound and jump controller has now been optimised, and the iOS 11 photo album crash has been resolved.

Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise

  • Publisher: Yak & co.
  • Platform: iOS (update specific)

Like plenty of updates around at the moment, Agent A's benefiting from a little iPhone X love as it's updated its interface to take advantage of the Super Retina display and no doubt more.

Angry Birds Match

Winter's almost upon us and Angry Birds Match is preparing already. With six new hatchlings to meet, new winter outfits to collect, a new winter area, and new levels to enjoy, things haven't gotten too frosty just yet.

Dragonstone: Kingdoms

  • Publisher: Ember Entertainment
  • Platform: iOS (update specific)

Version 1.2.8 sees a few smaller changes. You can now send a few personal messages to your pals, deliver valuable resources to your guild mates, keep track of targets with bookmarks, and claim a new hero after logging on for 28 days straight.

Flappy Dunk

  • Publisher: Voodoo
  • Platform: iOS (update specific)

You remember Flappy Bird and the sea of copycats that ran after its success, right? Well, this is one of the ones that took the mechanic and changed it up to make something better. Version 1.4 offers up five new wing skins, five new hoop skins, and one mystery ball skin.


This freeway-designing mobile game has broadened its horizons and expanded to iPhone, offering up universal device support.

Hidden Folks

  • Publisher: Adriaan de Jongh
  • Platform: iOS

While we wait for Hidden Folks' next awesome area update, the hidden objects game is now compatible with iPhone X, but that's not all. Version 1.3.5 also gives you a sneak peek of the next areas, makes the game run a little better on older devices, has a new settings screens, fixes some bugs, and sorts a few issues out too.


  • Publisher: gamebra.in
  • Platform: iOS (update specific)

This update is swift and to the point, using about as many words as the game's description. Aside from iPhone X support, hocus has just gotten updated with 11 new levels so feel free to tuck in.

Marvel Spider-Man Unlimited

Marvel Spider-Man Unlimited has just gained three new characters, 11 new Rarity cards, and infinite Anti-Venom.

Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two

  • Publisher: Telltale Inc
  • Platform: iOS (update specific)

Shockingly, the iOS version of episode four has released ahead of its PC counterpart in the UK at least. Help Jesse and friends explore a forgotten city beneath bedrock and hopefully woo those that live there.

Motorsport Manager 2

  • Publisher: Playsport Games Ltd
  • Platform: iOS/Android

This update's got three huge challenges for you to chew on: New Game Plus, Elimination Race, and Rise of the Robot. Managers can also now choose to skip the qualifying rounds and head feet-first into racing, and you'll have to keep an eye on the weather.

Starman: Tale of Light

  • Publisher: nada studio
  • Platform: iOS

It may not seem like a huge one, but this gorgeous, little gem has been updated to suit iPhone X, fixed a few smaller issues, and updated its metadata.

Subdivision Infinity

  • Publisher: Crescent Moon Games
  • Platform: iOS/Android

These updates must love coming in threes as it's another triple whammy. This time around you've got a new mining mode where you can blast asteroids to bits, speed control to let you make your ship faster or slower, and general improvements to keep your experience sweet.

Tempest: Pirate Action RPG

  • Publisher: HeroCraft
  • Platform: iOS (update specific)

It's a mix between regular game and DLC updates for the scuuurviest game in these here waters. The main game's got better water texture and new boarding mechanics, including 3rd person.

The DLC on the other hand has a whole Asian map to discover, Land exploration, a new legend, a new monster (the Sea Dragon), three new ships, and enchanted items to boot.


  • Publisher: Super Evil Megacorp
  • Platform: iOS/Android

Vainglory is smashing down with a pretty steep update. Version 2.10.0 brings us Lorela, the game's latest Hero, play menu videos, live-game improvements, pro team support badges, new skins, and more.

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