Merge Kuya Island receives first major content update, bringing some limited time events and plenty of new stuff

Merge Kuya Island receives first major content update, bringing some limited time events and plenty of new stuff

NetMarble’s recently released Merge Kuya Island is receiving its first big update, available to players as of today. Entitled Volcanic Island, this patch brings 12 new resources, a new limited-time event, 4 Kuyas, and a level cap increase across the board.

To begin with, let’s go over one of those new resources that introduce a neat new mechanic. The Brick Furnace will allow players to bake food resources and create Energy Pie, which can then be used in Adventure mode. Players will also now be able to hatch Noms via Noms Nest to obtain first level Kuya alongside this new feature.

In terms of the 4 new Kuya, we’ve got the Carrot Kuya, Lily Kuya, Lemon Kuya, and the Guava Kuya. All of these Kuya introduce specific new resources that add some new ways to play. Including those 4 and the Brick Furnace, we’ve got a total of 12 new resources within the game! And to make the deal even sweeter, there are also 3 new Ruins to explore along with a max level increase from Level 108 to Level 200 with new Main and Daily Errands too!

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As for that event, we’ve got the Hot Time Event running from August 20th to September 18th where players will be able to participate in a weekend event that increases resource yields and gives various rewards. Along with this, players at level 10 can participate in the Kuya Family Photo Shoot Event, and players at Level 65 can take part in the Beach Photo Shoot. There are plenty of Gems on offer from these events, so be sure to give them a go!

Merge Kuya Island is the latest merge-based title from NetMarble and sees players managing an island full of cute little critters using resources and upgrading their facilities as time goes on. There are plenty of fun challenges on display, like time-attack puzzle stages and brain-teasing problem-solving errands to complete!

If you’d like to give it a go yourself, you can check out Merge Kuya Island at either of the links below to download it for free! You can also check out the official website for more information too!

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