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Mechanosaur Hijacks the Moon - Unnatural history

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Mechanosaur Hijacks the Moon - Unnatural history

Mechanosaur Hijacks the Moon reimagines the destruction of the dinosaurs by an errant asteroid as an epic war between two alien races.

You play the part of one time-travelling Mechanosaur, out to prevent the Asteroidians (really) from destroying the Earth colony.

It's a deeply silly premise, and the game itself is pretty light fare too. You're a giant armoured triceratops sat atop the moon, encouraging it to accelerate its Earth orbit by holding the screen.

Doing so enables you to block the asteroids coming Earth's way. Variety comes from the asteroids themselves, which approach the Earth in various tricksy ways.

It's good fun, too, though it's all executed in a slightly slap-dash fashion, and we've seen plenty of superior rotation-based casual games before.

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Mechanosaur Hijacks the Moon - Unnatural history

A playable rotation-based endless game that isn't quite special or polished enough to shine
Jon Mundy
Jon Mundy
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