Marvel Avenger's Alliance 2 - Is it Ultron or Dr. Doomed?

It's sometimes hard to get enthused about card battlers, but Marvel Avengers Alliance 2 managed to stir something inside me.

It might be because watching She-Hulk pummel Mysterio into the ground is brilliant. There's so many nods and winks to the wider Marvel universe that my Spider-sense was constantly tingling.

And there's a level of tactical nuance here that a lot of other similar turn-based social strategies have. You need to watch the numbers, learn the moves you can make, and build a team of heroes that can take on all-comers.

What's the deal then?

Well you're in charge of a team of three heroes picked from a massive roster of Marvel's mightiest heroes. Well, I say picked, but to begin with you'll be given a couple of characters to start off with.

My opening roster was Hawkeye and She-Hulk, and I got Moon Knight just after. Yeah, Moon Knight, quake before my heroes. But you also get special guests. I've fought alongside Hulk, Thor, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Captain America, and more.

The fights are turn-based. There's an ATB-style system, and you can see when you're going to get to take some actions along the top of the screen. Each character has a variety of different attacks, and they can alter a variety of things.

There are buffs and de-buffs associated with pretty much every punch you throw or special power you use. And combining them successfully is the key to making sure that you're coming out on top in scraps.

There's extra moves to unlock, XP to earn, and new characters to add to your roster. There are lots of currencies bubbling around as well, and a story about incursions by super-villains into various parts of the Marvel universe.

And it's all a lot of fun. The fights are fast and entertaining, and while it is free to play, it rarely steps on your throat and demands money from you.

That sounds okay

It does. In fact I think it might be better than okay. I've put a good chunk of time into Marvel Avengers Alliance 2 and I've yet to get bored of it. There's always plenty to do, and the game rewards you with plenty of cash and energy.

It might not be the most tactically minded game out there, but there's enough going on that it acts as a pretty impressive diversion.

And you get to be Rocket Raccoon some of the time, and he's a raccoon with a massive gun.

Marvel Avenger's Alliance 2 - Is it Ultron or Dr. Doomed?

There's a lot to here to enjoy, and if you're a big fan of Marvel, there's even more
Harry Slater
Harry Slater
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