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Manuganu 2
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Like a seasoned rock act running through its greatest hits at Glastonbury, Manuganu 2 doesn't offer up any surprises. But its warm familiarity, range, and sheer quality of delivery see it through.

Yes, it's another endless runner. And no, there's nothing here that you haven't seen before. And there are some niggly annoyances as well.

But Manuganu 2 manages to carry you through numerous retries on the back of solid platforming action, a beautiful world, and a surprising amount of variety.

Modest beginnings

The first world of Manuganu 2 sells it short. As your little tribal dude auto-runs and jumps through some pretty-but-conventional levels, it all feels yawnsomely over-familiar.

The polished visual style and frequent changes in direction and depth make it feel a bit like Rayman Fiesta Run in 2.5D. Albeit with less spark and charm, and a momentum-sapping stop command.

Then you're confronted by a horrible trial-and-error boss level, and you're about ready to give up. I know I was.

If you press on, though, things do get a lot better.


Suddenly you're introduced to Whale Trail or Badland-style flying sections.

Then the view will switch and you're dropped into a frantic climbing level that requires you to flip between vertical poles.

Levels start to collapse, spikes start to appear, and a new glide ability lets you soar. Then critters start appearing on swinging vines, and multiple paths through the levels start to open up.

None of this is remotely original, of course. But the way Manuganu 2 throws the right proportion of borrowed ideas into the mix makes for quite the roller coaster ride.

Good little runner

Alongside the sluggish start, lack of originality, and irritating first boss fight, Manuganu 2's other main problem is that it takes a fraction of a second too long to restart after a failed attempt.

A game of this sort is crying out for a restart prompt to appear the second you meet your end, all in the name of maintaining momentum and minimising frustration.

But really Manuganu 2's frustrations are as negligible as its originality. This is a commendably solid auto-runner that's low on fresh ideas but high on polish and incident.

Manuganu 2

An attractive 2.5D auto-runner that doesn't offer anything new, but manages to succeed through sheer variety
Jon Mundy
Jon Mundy
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