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Being a getaway driver is always portrayed as rather glamorous thing in movies. They're shown as stoical and calculating, reading the traffic and knowing all the best routes to escape from a job unscathed.

Mafia Driver puts you in the shoes of one of these people.

However, your job is far more straightforward: drive forward and avoid traffic.

The standard game mode isn't overly interesting, serving no purpose other than to create a high-score arcade game where distance travelled is the key performance indicator.

However, the Challenges mode is where the real meat of Mafia Driver lies. Here 24 challenges await you, ranging from collecting a certain amount of money strewn across the road to reaching high speeds without crashing or being caught by the ever-pursuing cops.

This would all be rather easy if it wasn't for the clunky control system you have to deal with.

For those who have touchscreen phones, all that's needed is a tap on the left or right side of the screen to move left or right. A simple tap in the centre executes your nitrous boost.

Alternatively, if you're on a phone with buttons you can use the '4' and '6' buttons or stick directions, with the '5' button letting you boost.

It's certainly simple, but the response rate is far too slow to make manoeuvring through traffic an exciting experience.

Instead you just regularly crash due to clipping the side of an oncoming vehicle.

There are worse top-down driving games out there on Java, but there are plenty of better ones too.

Mafia Driver

Mafia Driver's rather nice visuals are let down by dull gameplay and finicky controls, thankfully the Challenges mode provides some fun