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Love Connection

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Love Connection
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Not all those who wander are lost. Sometimes they're on a slow but steady quest for love, forced to take the long way round because of shoddy directions.

Love Connection. is a line-drawing puzzle game by Fungineers. It's all about the fleetingness of affection, the fragility of relationships, and being unable to find your true love because of an over-reliance on Google Maps.

It's simple to learn, boasts minimalistic graphics, and offers up a hearty challenge. It's definitely worth your time if you're a puzzle-lover, though imperfections with its controls keep it from shining like a lovers star.

It was all Yellow

Our story begins when Mr Yellow receives a note from his wife, asking him to meet her at the park. Mr Yellow complies, but quickly discovers the park is further away than he thought. Like, "other side of the universe, or something" far.

Players guide Mr Yellow across more than 40 levels by drawing lines connecting the little man to signs leading to the park. It's easy enough at first, but within a few levels, other characters appear, looking for their loves.

Players need to match up these wayward couples in addition to helping Mr Yellow on his way - but their paths cannot cross, or else the connection is severed.

It's never explained why these paths can't cross, but it's fun to presume a big mushroom cloud will bloom over the park if they did.

Troubled love

Love Connection. has a unique look that blends an isometric view and minimalistic graphics.

Even though the game's characters are basically upright rectangles, there's something joyous about their little hops when they find their way to each other.

Also the seasons change as you play, and the characters dress accordingly. Umbrellas for spring rains, and little hats and coats for winter.

The trouble with Love Connection. is that its line drawing mechanic can be problematic at times.

Even attempting to draw a simple straight line can result in gaps and overshooting. It's not a huge deal since you can fill in the gaps, or draw over unintended marks with the correct colour.

But if you're the kind of person that likes neatness and symmetry, you may find yourself cringing a little. It's a small thing, but it does grate all the same.

More importantly, there's no "undo" option. You can't erase a line you've created unless you restart the whole level.

Changing a line's colours can be tricky as well. You'll think you have yellow selected, and start drawing only to discover you're still doodling in purple.

Even the isometric view can be your enemy at times. It hides perfectly viable paths behind trees and objects.

A flawed but loving relationship

Love Connection. is a personable puzzle game that's fun while it lasts. It has some flaws, true - but isn't love all about working around those small problems?

Despite the niggles with the controls, playing Love Connection. is still preferable to dealing with a partner that blows their nose on the clean towels and passes gas under the covers.

Love Connection

Love Connection. is rocky at points, but it perseveres and offers a cute and colourful puzzle experience