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We know what you're thinking - match-three games have been done to death.

But before you run for the hills you should know that Linkies is match-three puzzler with a significant difference: instead of lining up icons in neat, orderly rows, you have to bring together objects that are rolling around and bouncing off one another.

To sum it up in the most simple terms possible, Linkies is match-three puzzler with added physics. You still have to link three or more icons to remove them from play. Doing so causes other pieces to fall into the vacated space, and on some levels the actual field of play is moving, which inevitably makes the situation even more chaotic.

Match maker

Linkies is a pleasure. You create matches by tracing a line from icon to icon, and this line is often crooked and zig-zagging. Matching four or more icons creates a bomb, which, if triggered, causes an explosion that clears away even more debris. The aim is to remove enough blocks to fill the gauge and complete the level.

Using the coins and stars you receive every time you complete a level you can buy one-shot items and upgrades, and these make things a little easier on the harder of the game's 90 stages.

Things do become quite fraught as Linkies progresses, and there are moments when the undulating environments make it especially tricky to perform successful matches.

All of which only adds to the game's appeal - it simultaneously feels familiar and fresh, offering stalwart match-three gameplay and a totally unique style of play.

Demanding stuff

The only real complaint is the technical demand the game places on your hardware. Because everything is displayed in 3D, Linkies really struggles on older iOS devices. The developer recommends third-generation hardware, but the game is still quite jerky on our fourth-generation iPod touch. If you've got one of Apple's more recent products then you'll be fine.

It takes something truly special in the field of match-three puzzlers to impress us, and Linkies has unquestionably succeeded. The simple introduction of a constantly-moving field of play governed by accurate and convincing physics allows this title to stand out from the crowd, and makes it a must-have for any self-respecting iOS puzzle-lover.

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A unique spin on the tried-and-tested match-three genre, Linkies looks stunning and plays great - as long as your hardware is up to the task, that is
Damien  McFerran
Damien McFerran
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