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| Limbo

Limbo was one of my favourite games of 2010, so I was intrigued to see how this PS Vita port would fare against the original, three years later.

Although there's no reason for people who have already experienced Limbo to pick this port up, it stands up to newer indie titles surprisingly well.

Chest out, head back

You play a boy who wakes up in a monochrome world filled with traps, danger, and general nastiness. The boy's sister is lost somewhere in this mysterious world, and your sole purpose is to help him find her.

Limbo is part atmospheric work of art, part mind-bender. As you push on through the world you'll come up against dozens of physics-based puzzles that you need to solve before you can make further progress.

The puzzles will regularly make you sit back in awe, although you won't have much time to linger in this state as you're regularly required to make snap decisions to stay alive.

This is a game that wants you to die many times over, and you can almost hear the developers laughing wildly each time you die in the most despicable way. Don't worry - you'll be laughing along with them.

What's wonderful is that Limbo features no explanations whatsoever, be it text, symbols, or tutorials. You're left to your own devices throughout, and this minimalist approach gives the game real heart.

A splash of black, a tint of white

It helps that Limbo is among the best-looking video games you'll ever play.

It's surprising just how gorgeous a game can be utilising only black and white, but you really need to see it in motion to understand just how remarkable this feat is.

The visuals lose nothing in their transition to the PS Vita, although this port notably lacks the leaderboards of its Xbox counterpart, which is a shame.

There's also no touchscreen support - not that there necessarily should be, but it's worth being aware that there are no platform-specific bells and whistles.

If you've never played Limbo, then you should grab it for Vita without hesitation. Otherwise, there's no real reason to pick this up again.


Limbo is fantastic and essential - as long as you've never played it before on another platform