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LEGO Jurassic World Review - We're en-raptored by it

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LEGO Jurassic World Review - We're en-raptored by it

While you don't see a Tyrannosaurus Rex stomping around outside your bedroom window, or pterodactyls soaring past as your plane prepares to land, dinosaurs remain a big part of our culture.

Look at the box office figures for last year's Jurassic World, for instance. People paid mega bucks to see the horror and hilarity of the unlikeliest of amusement parks play out on the big-screen.

Ancient reptiles don't seem to be losing their charm or sway with us, and that's proven by the arrival of LEGO Jurassic World.

Hold onto your butts

Please do, we don't want to be responsible for them falling off. That could be awkward.

As with every other LEGO game, you break a structure, then build something new in its place. All while collecting lots of little shiny studs which are then later used to buy characters, or power bricks to give you a host of new abilities.

But this is the only game with LEGO dinosaurs in it. Dinosaurs that can be used to run around and smash into things. On that merit alone, it RAWRks.

LEGO Jurassic World lets you play as a host of different characters from all 4 films, recreating some of the franchise's most famous scenes.

Remember the water-shaking from the first film? Fully recreated in LEGO form. The crash-landing plane in JP3? Watching bricks has never been so tense.

Whether you're puffing out and exposing your bare chest as Dr Malcolm, or growling and grimacing at everything as Owen, Travellers Tales has done a remarkable job of making everything feel refreshing, yet authentic.

AH, AH, AH, you didn’t say the magic word

You're right, I didn't, and the magic word is fun. Because that's exactly what LEGO Jurassic World is. It's switch your brain off, good-old fashioned entertainment at its finest.

The touch controls can sometimes veer you off down the wrong path, and occasionally aren't receptive to your gestures - particularly for jumping. But the experience is generally fluid throughout.

The sound does come across a bit tinny, though. The game rips audio directly from the films for voice over, and that's particularly evident in scenes like Richard Hammond trying to convince Dr Grant to get on-board with his left-field park concept.

The native audio is pretty glorious however - particularly the wonderful soundtrack - and the graphics occasionally sparkle and dazzle on the small screen.

While it's not without faults, LEGO Jurassic World is a pleasure to play. TT has definitely found a comfortable home on mobile, and this is among its finest contributions.

LEGO Jurassic World Review - We're en-raptored by it

Far from a dinosnore, LEGO Jurassic World looks, occasionally sounds, and mostly plays the part extremely well
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Ray Willmott
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