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Legend of Grimrock

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| Legend of Grimrock
Legend of Grimrock
| Legend of Grimrock

I'm wandering around in the dark. My torch has burned down and there aren't any more in this section of the dungeon. There are things moving near me, and at least half of my party is on the verge of starving to death.

This is Legend of Grimrock. An unforgiving, old-school PC classic that's finally crawled around some dank corners and stumbled onto the App Store.

And it works brilliantly on mobile. The controls are slick, the puzzles are tough, and the feeling of terror when your light dwindles is spot on.

...wait for it...

The game sees you leading a party of prisoners through the titular mount Grimrock. If you can escape then your crimes will be forgiven and you'll be able to live a free life. But no one has ever escaped.

You can start the game with a standard set of characters, or if you'd prefer you can create your own. Then you're dropped into a labyrinth full of monsters, traps, and puzzles, and you need to make your way through.

You've got buttons at the bottom right of the screen that control movement. One to move forward, two to twist left and right, one to move backwards, and two to strafe.

In the bottom left of the screen you've got buttons representing your equipped weapons. You use these to attack in turn-based combat. If you've got a mage you can draw out spells once you've learned them and levelled up far enough to use them.

You move forward a square with every tap, cautiously exploring your environment. Then you get lynched by some skeleton guards or fall down a hole.


The genius here is the game's simplicity. It's in the micro-management of your party, in making sure everyone's fed, that they have weapons they can actually use, and that their equipment is up to scratch.

It makes for an experience that's a brilliant fit on mobile, albeit one you'll need to take some time out of your day to play.

Legend of Grimrock

A great port of a great game. If you've not played Grimrock before this is a really good way to rectify that