Kubic review - Playing with shapes
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If you've seen any paintings by MC Escher, Kubic will be very familiar to you.

This quirky puzzle game bends the limits of space and reality to make you create structures that, in theory, should be impossible to replicate.

So how does it play?

In each level, Kubic presents you with a shape made out of cubes and you have to replicate it by combining the different pieces available.

On the most basic level, it's like a 3D puzzle, where you have to make each piece fit around the others.

Simple enough… is that it?

Not really. The rub is in the fact that most of these shapes you have to build defy logic and physics. I mentioned Escher earlier – well, the game challenges you with the most bizarre structures you can imagine.

These shapes bend and twist around each other, and they continuously ask the player to think outside the box.

It gets interesting. Anything else I should now?

At the end of the day, the game is asking you to play with perspective in ways you've never thought about. This means that the difference between placing one piece on top of another, or vice versa, is crucial to complete your objectives.

More importantly, since you only see the structure from one perspective, your objective is not to recreate it as it is in your mind, but only what the visible sides show.

Lastly, whereas this game provides a great challenge for players who like puzzles, the difficulty curve is a bit too high. I felt that some puzzles were too easy, whereas suddenly they'd drop one that I am yet to solve.

Kubic review - Playing with shapes

If very demanding, out-of-the-box, 3D spatial puzzles are your thing, you may love Kubic.