E3 2011: Kirby Mass Attack, Super Fossil Fighters, and Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 announced for DS

Life finds a way

E3 2011: Kirby Mass Attack, Super Fossil Fighters, and Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 announced for DS

While Wii owners have been delving into the bright and bubbly world of Kirby’s Epic Yarn for yonks, DS punters haven't had a new version of our favourite pink bubble boy to play with for donkey's years.

It's been six years, in fact, since Kirby: Canvas Curse brushed onto our Nintendo dual screens.

In the upcoming DS title Kirby Mass Attack the rosy-cheeked, slightly obese protagonist is split into chunks by a mysterious evildoer with a magic cane. Obviously.

Players must piece him back together through the colourfully designed platforming levels that are a staple of the series.

Some of the features revealed by Nintendo include the titular assaults against enemies with up to ten Kirbys at once, medals, mini-games, and assorted challenges.

Kirby Mass Attack is set for release on September 19th. Check out the trailer here.

"Where's the goat?!"

Another DS game Nintendo announced at E3 2011 is the Pokemon / Jurassic Park hybrid Super Fossil Warriors.

While it’s been out in Japan since last November, this dino-themed collect-'em-up will finally become available to a Western audience.

Super Fossil Fighters is down for excavation in ‘holiday 2011’, according to Nintendo’s E3 press release.

That means end of November, UK readers. Check out the trailer here.

Monsters in abundance

Also coming to the West is the Dragon Quest spin-off Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2, scheduled to land in the US and Europe on August 28th.

Scouts will be able to gather up to 300 monsters and synthesize them for more powerful battle upgrades in this fan favourite RPG.

Check out the Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 trailer here.

Even though the 3DS may be stealing some of the DS thunder in recent times, the old boy is still outselling its flashier cousin. This selection of promising titles on the horizon should see us gripping onto our DSes for a while yet.

Matt Sakuraoka-Gilman
Matt Sakuraoka-Gilman
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