King of Avalon is celebrating its fifth anniversary this month

Be in with a chance of winning 5 billion gold by participating!

King of Avalon is celebrating its fifth anniversary this month

The season of birthday celebrations continue. Today, FunPlus and KingsGroup are celebrating the five-year anniversary of their free-to-play mobile strategy MMO, King of Avalon.

Players will find various updates and anniversary events to participate in throughout July. The forerunner in these celebratory updates is a brand new game mode, “Tower Defense.” In this mode, players will have to defend themselves against enemies and other players. Do not let anyone breach your walls!

Newer players will also have an easier time getting into the game because the developers are introducing a completely new story for beginners. Some other additions to the game include the “Recapture of Holy City” storyline and a new alliance based PvEvP feature known as “Battle of Darke Valley.”

The game will also receive a game-wide art update and massive improvements to the user interface and gameplay graphics.

king of avalon fifth anniversary logo

The first in-game anniversary event that began on July 1st and ran until July 13th was a Photo Contest. The ‘Sign-in & Memoirs’ celebration also concluded on the 14th of July. This week’s event is the “Circus Invasion”, beginning on July 14th and ending on July 20th. The final week’s celebrations include the “Rainbow Maze” between July 21st and 27th.

This week players can also participate in the Tarot Card prize pool of FIVE BILLION GOLD. Simply purchase Tarot Cards from the shop or collect them from participating in daily quests. Every time you complete a collection, you get a chance of winning a random quantity of gold from the Prize Pool.

Enjoy all these events by downloading King of Avalon on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. It is a 4X strategy MMO inspired by the legend of King Arthur. The game is a best seller in 70 countries and has over 100 million global downloads.

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