Kickstart this: Jenny LeClue is a sharp-looking coming-of-age murder mystery for iOS

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Kickstart this: Jenny LeClue is a sharp-looking coming-of-age murder mystery for iOS
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Jenny LeClue's glasses constantly fall from her face and on her backpack is a badge that says "I [heart] nerds". She's not your usual detective.

Mografi's adventure game is a coming-of-age story that it's currently seeking $65,000 in funding for on Kickstarter. It's getting there...slowly. Perhaps, after checking it out, you'll be inclined to nudge it a little closer yourself.

Jenny is a sharp-eyed detective that is ruthless in her pursuit of the truth. The plot of the game opens with the Dean of Gumboldt University being murdered. Naturally, Jenny is on the case right away.

But she gets more than she was expecting. You see, all signs point towards her own mother as being the murderer. This is just one of the surprises that Jenny LeClue has in store for us.

From here, you set out with Jenny to find the clues and, if necessary, have your own mother arrested (but, hopefully, clear your family name).

There'll be plenty of dastardly characters to meet along the way from around Arthurtown. How you interact with them and the choices you make will have a permanent affect on the rest of the game's narrative.

Jenny LeClue

It doesn't need to be said, really, but Jenny LeClue has a striking art style. Mografi has brought its skills as a motion design studio to the game and it has resulted in a stunning display.

The Kickstarter page is full of adorable gifs, showing off how your finger will guide Jenny's torch, open up books that contain clues, and select options by circling them.

You'll have to interact with the environment to find hidden passages, and go into micro details when examining clues too, it seems. You can even examine characters when speaking to them.

Jenny LeClue should allow us to feel like detectives while playing, then. We'll have to keep an eye out for clues at all times, and interrogate everything we see in order to solve the mystery.

Other than that, Jenny LeClue also touches on mature themes through its apparently "complex characters". Jenny will have to deal with people treating her like a kid despite her adult demeanor, too.

If you're sold, you can back Jenny LeClue on Kickstarter in exchange for rewards, including PC versions of the game. It should be coming to iOS after the PC release.

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