Infinite Tanks review - A solid and crunching tank shooter
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Tanks. Tanks inspire a certain feeling in a certain type of person. I think it's because they're massive, and they have huge guns, and you're not really supposed to drive them around in real life.

So when a game called Infinite Tanks comes along, that certain set of people will undoubtedly be very excited. It's not just one tank, it's not even a million tanks, it's an infinite number of tanks. You can't imagine that, because your brain won't let you.

And they've got good reason to stay excited. This is a big booming slop of silliness and explosions that'll keep your fingers interested for a good long while. With one slight proviso.


The game is, as you might be able to guess, about driving tanks. And shooting the big guns on top of the tanks. And blowing up everything that has the audacity to look at your tank without asking first.

You control the turret with the right of the screen and movement with the left. Swiping on the right also moves the camera, so you can see what you're trying to turn into chunks of flaming metal.

The first thing the game gets right is that it lets you drive through things. If it looks flimsy, then you can drive your tank into it and knock it down. Where you're going you don't need roads. Because you're in a tank.

You can also blow up cover, leaving enemies vulnerable to getting shot a lot. There are hit zones as well. Some tanks you'll need to flank or even come up behind if you want to do the most damage. A handy HUD shows you how effective your shot is going to be.


There's loads of different sorts of ammos and secondary weapons, so you're not just hammering the shoot button over and over and hoping something goes asplodey. A neat touch is the mortars, that let you take out enemies even if they're hiding like tanky cowards.

And there are different types of tanks too, so you can pick one that suits your play style. I mean they're all tanks, so they're not super different, but there's enough variation to make experimenting worthwhile.

But, and this is quite a big but, right now the game lobbies are a little bit empty. I say a little bit, because last I checked I was the only person in them, which isn't ideal if you're looking for a bit of online fun.

There's stuff to do offline, but quite frankly if you're not killing strangers over the internet is there really any point in getting in a tank?


If the servers get a bit busier (well, actually quite a lot busier), then Infinite Tanks should definitely be near the top of your download list. As it stands you should still pick it up and get your friends involved, because it's big and silly and fun.

It's not the pinnacle of tank sims, it's probably going to be a bit too silly for people who like to make sure the track on their tank is accurate, but if you like explosions and shooting then have a crack at it.

Infinite Tanks review - A solid and crunching tank shooter

It's got a lot of tanks in it, but right now not that many players
Harry Slater
Harry Slater
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