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| infeCCt
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There's no doubting that mobile games have got a mite more ambitious over the last couple of years, but even the brightest and shiniest new concepts can lack the immediacy of those original forerunners.

Simple experiences like Snake and its bevy of clones still offer a pick-up-and-play setup that's hard to resist.

Though a different breed altogether to Snake, infeCCt does retain the same appeal. It too is a very straightforward idea with uncomplicated controls that manages to steal your attention for many a minute.

One way street

InfeCCt's tutorial - which will be almost superfluous for many - does a good job of explaining the gameplay, the idea being to navigate through a grid-based maze, travelling through each standard square just once.

The mazes themselves vary in size and interactivity, some grid squares blocked off, others acting as predetermined crossroads that can be passed through twice.

Tunnels that can transport you from one area to another on contact mix things up yet further.

All such movement is handled via either the D-pad or the number keys, a simple tap of the direction in which you wish to step enough to move you. Mistakes are easily rectified by stepping back again, but such misdemeanours eat into your score - the idea being to complete each stage as quickly as you can with minimal mistakes.

Perfect pathway

It's a setup that will encourage replay after replay, pinning down to memory the correct path once it's been discovered, but infeCCt is also unlikely to lose those who find some of the stages a touch tricky.

The simplistic design almost inspires endeavour - even the most complicated of stages appear easy to conquer, and only once play begins does the task at hand become clear.

But by then it's too late, and the prospect of backing out is a thin one. Though infeCCt comes with very little in the way of bells and whistles - its design is probably the most basic you're ever likely to come across - the gameplay teases and tests you from start to end.

It's a visual riddle that commands you to master it merely because you could, and should, be able to.


A puzzle almost begging to be solved, infeCCt's simple directional based play harks back to mobile marvels of old