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Hungry Shark World - Is it worth your time, and how does it compare to and more?

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Hungry Shark World - Is it worth your time, and how does it compare to and more?

Hungry Shark World is a game about eating. It's like a modernisation of those games were you were a small fish and had to eat loads of other fish to become king fish. It's sort of a metaphor for life.

The progress here is different though. You unlock different sized munchers as you play through the game, allowing you to take down behemoth sea creatures you didn't have a hope of getting your teeth into when you were a tiddler.

And all in all it's a lot of fun. There's plenty to do, challenges to complete, and the game is simple enough to play that pretty much anyone could pick it up and have a crack at being a shark.

You're floating around the ocean eating things then?

Precisely. The controls are pretty easy – you've got a floating joystick that moves you around, and tapping on the screen unleashes your rechargeable boost. Nom stuff, get points and coins, buy stuff to make your shark better.

There are challenges to finish that give you extra boosts as well. Eat a certain number of fish, swim a certain distance, or cram a set amount of humans into your ravening maw.

The maps are big, and you often discover hidden areas you didn't realise were there before. You'll also often try and chomp something out of your size-range and take a bit of a beating. Don't worry though, you can enact revenge when you've unlocked the larger sharks.

You need to keep eating, otherwise your health starts to go down. Lose it all, either from lack of food or being attacked, and it's game over. Your Gold Rush move charges up as you collect coins, and lets you use unlimited boost for a short time when it activates.

As well as unlocking new sharks, you can spend your earnings on upgrading the ones you've got. There are different pieces of equipment you can buy and stick on to, all of which give you boosts to your various attribues.

So is it worth my time?

I'd say so, yeah. There's an awful lot to do here, no energy system getting in the way, and while it isn't the most challenging experience out there, you'll still have fun making your way through the various locations and sea-beasts.

It does get a bit grindy, but this is still a decent sea-faring adventure with a wicked sense of humour, that could well appeal more to the younger players in the mobile gaming clan.

How does it compare?
  • - There's more meat on the bones of Hungry Shark World, and it's a more entertaining beast because of that. It's much better looking too.
  • Super Mega Worm - Hungry Shark World pips this one too. The retro styling is nice, but the action feels more tangible and addictive under the sea.
  • Whale Trail - A cuter take on a similar genre, Whale Trail doesn't have the violence of Hungry Shark World. It does have a more immediate progression system, so it's probably worth a crack too.

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Hungry Shark World - Is it worth your time, and how does it compare to and more?

A game that's easy to pick up, easy to play, and pretty easy to get engrossed in