Hundred Days, a new simulator gives you the opportunity to become a winemaker on mobile

Hundred Days, a new simulator gives you the opportunity to become a winemaker on mobile
| Hundred Days

Have you ever just wanted to drop everything and make wine? Then this is your chance to let go of the busy city life and just relax and make wine. Broken Arms Games and Pixmain are bringing Hundred Days to iOS and Android devices after it recently launched on PC.

Hundred Days is a winemaking simulator that draws inspiration from Broken Arms Games very own lead designer and co-founder Yves Hohler. While his profession does lie in the video game industry, he also took over his family winemaking business after studying oenology. The game explores the challenges that come your way as an inspiring winemaker, and it is truly a passionate love story between gaming and winemaking.


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Like any simulation game, Hundred Days will also imitate time and resource management and offer players choices that will have long-standing consequences. As the owner of a vineyard with limited grid space, players will have to make certain tough choices and every little step they take will influence the bigger picture and determine both their reputation and earnings.

Throughout the game, players will learn the entire winemaking process. From making the wine to actually selling it by hosting events and wine tastings, players will get a chance to do it all! Get into the science of making wine, learn all the nitty-gritty about soil quality, weather conditions, and cultivation methods like pruning, fertilizing, and harvesting. After growing the crop, players will also use all the cutting-edge tools involved in making wine and how the entire process is as much art as it is science.

Your economical brain will also come into play here as you will have to manage the entire vineyard and come up with multiple sales and marketing strategies to become the best winemaker in town. Lastly, Hundred Days will also feature shorter game modes if you do not have enough time to sink into a full-length campaign.

Fun fact, the game is also called Hundred Days because that’s the lifespan of wine leaf. A very thoughtful name! Become a wine emperor by pre-ordering Hundred Days on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store for $5.99 USD.

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