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Picking up the keys to your first car is one of those seminal moments in life.

It's arguably up there with your first kiss, first drink, and first night in a police cell – which, luckily for me, all happened in the same 24 hours.

Even so, it's fair to say it's not always the most glamorous of milestones. Parting with a few hundred quid for a second hand Nova or sharing your Gran's hand-me-down with a brother or sister isn't exactly living the high life.

Picture perfect?

Hot Rod Hell – at least on paper – sets out to right such wrongs. Its take on slot machine style play attempts to reward successful match-ups with a collection of classic cars.

However, while the game's opening screen might suggest you get to race your new wheels, in truth your only prize is the chance to take a short, sharp look a picture of them before moving onto the next.

As such, it's hard to see just what's on offer here. Besides a rather bland take on Catchphrase's bonus round - the method in which the pictures themselves are revealed - there's simply no game to speak of.

No point, no prize

Indeed, your input is reduced to spinning a set of three slots before bringing them to a halt again.

With each set of spins costing five credits, the idea is to make a series of combinations in order to reveal pictures of classic cars, seemingly of an American persuasion.

Each slot comes decorated with assorted pictures of car parts, matching all three both adding credits to your total and uncovering two squares at a time.

There are plenty of other combos. For instance, piecing together two wheels of one car with one of another also reveals one piece of the puzzle.

And that's all there is to it – continuous slot spinning, with the odd car picture thrown in as reward.

If that constitutes a game, then that's the kind of first no-one will mind missing out on.

Hot Rod Hell

Simply a slot machine with pictures of old cars strapped on for good measure, Hot Rod Hell isn't worth a second of your attention
Keith Andrew
Keith Andrew
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