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Great Little War Game 2

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Great Little War Game 2

"War never changes." That adage sprang from the Fallout games, and it still rings true. Especially when it comes to war-based video games.

Great Little War Game 2 from Rubicon is a prime example of a turn-based strategy game that's happy to remain mechanically traditional.

Not that there's a lot wrong with that. Great Little War Game 2 doesn't feature a slew of new ideas, but it's a highly polished, tightly packed turn-based strategy game that's a lot of fun to work through.

War for the hell of it

There isn't a deep, meandering storyline here. There's a war on, and you want your side to win.

You mass-produce soldiers from barracks (with financial aid from captured oil rigs and other sources of income) and move them across a map.

If enemies are within range after your soldiers have moved, you can open fire. Those enemies can retaliate as well. When you're done with your turn, the opposition take theirs.

The conditions for victory vary. Usually you need to blow up the enemy General, but sometimes you need to protect your own troops or property for a set number of turns.

This occasional change-up helps keep the action fresh and interesting. Your strategy needs to change depending on whether you're making an offensive push, or digging in your heels to defend your base.

Like most strategy games, Great Little War Game 2 also requires you to use the terrain wisely. Grabbing the high ground gives you an advantage, but valleys should be avoided at all cost.


Great Little War Game 2 features no ads, and no in-app purchases. This style of "naked" gameplay is pretty rare nowadays.

When you fail you're not wondering whether dropping a dollar on an IAP might have swayed the outcome. Instead, you're re-thinking your tactics and getting ready to try again.

Great Little War Game 2 has all kinds of cute graphical touches. There's the blasted soil that's left behind when a soldier falls, or the skulls that spin over an enemy's head when it's possible to take them down with your next attack.

It adds more bizarre cheeriness to the battlefield with constant banter. Your soldiers squeak orders and insults. If you've ever wanted to hear the words "hobo turd" come from a tiny soldier's mouth, you're in luck.


Great Little War Game 2 doesn't bring many new ideas to the turn-based strategy genre, but it's really well put together all the same.

It's accessible too. There's no need to play "catch up" with previous games in the series. You can just jump right in.

And if you love simple, blunt strategy games, there's no reason not to.

Great Little War Game 2

Great Little War Game 2 sticks to familiar battlegrounds, but it's still (wait for it) a great little war game