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Great Big War Game

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Great Big War Game
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There's been a raft of cartoon turn-based strategy titles over recent weeks, and while none of them has been perfect there's been plenty of tactical action for fans to get their teeth into.

The latest addition to the genre comes in the form of Great Big War Game, the aspirationally titled sequel to Great Little War Game, which offers up enough new content to keep even the most abysmally addicted user playing for days.

Warfighters and warsupporters

You play as one of two sides in the seemingly neverending conflict between those arch enemies Red and Blue, with your aim being the annihilation of the other team in as few turns as possible.

Resource-management is all but taken out of your hands, with pre-positioned oil wells on each map sucking up the cash you need to produce units. They're vulnerable, though, so you'll need to protect your own, and plan ways to take over the ones that are controlled by the other side.

Each unit has a unique role to play in proceedings. Scouts, for example, don't have weapons, but they have binoculars, which allow them to spy farther into uncharted territory. Bazooka troops are excellent against tanks and buildings, but not so great against humans, and Grunts are good all-rounders.

Each unit can move and perform an action every turn. That means shooting for your troops and capturing buildings or constructing fortifications for your engineers.

Almost endless war

Whilst there's a huge amount of single player content, the game really comes to life when you're playing against other people, whether through the asynchronous online system on the same iOS device.

The AI is good, and provides some entertaining skirmishes, but there's nothing more devious and tricky to fathom than the human mind, and few things are more satisfying than blowing up another player's base.

Great Big War Game builds on the foundations of its predecessor elegantly, and while it doesn't add anything spectacular to the mix, solidifying what was already there and tweaking where necessary instead, there's enough here to make sure that the war efforts go on indefinitely.

iOS version reviewed.

Great Big War Game

Strategic, deep, and full of content, Great Big War Game carries on nicely where its predecessor left off