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Gravity Guy 2

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Gravity Guy 2

Often when it comes to iOS sequels, we're left lamenting the fact that the new game feels more like an expansion pack.

Too many iOS gaming follow-ups are bereft of new ideas or mechanics. Their creators are content just to tweak some artwork here or add a couple of features there.

With Gravity Guy 2, though, Miniclip takes a completely different approach to designing a sequel. In truth, there's almost nothing left of the original game here.

Not that the multitude of changes are bad, mind. In fact, the end result is an entertaining and original endless-runner that's worth a good bit of your time.


Miniclip doesn't mess too much with the basic shape of a 2D endless-runner in Gravity Guy 2.

So, you're still pegging it from left to right, and you're still collecting chunks of currency to spend on upgrades to your character and boosts to your runs.

Here's the big change: in the bottom right of the screen - where the 'jump' button would usually be - there's a button that elevates the platform across which you're running. You use this to propel yourself into the air, and also to catch yourself when you're falling back to earth.

At the bottom left of the screen, there's a 'boost' button that enables you to grab a little bit more air if you require it. The controls are simple and the goal is crystal clear: get as far as you can before you fall to your death or get trapped by an obstacle.

At the beginning of the game, these obstacles are easily avoidable. As you run farther, though, you're granted extra points for leaping expertly through them. Do you risk an early exit for a few more coins? Or do you play it safe and have less to show for your run?

Moving platforms

Gravity Run 2 might not be the best-looking game out there, and it might not possess quite the same spark that the first wave of endless-runners did, but it's still an engaging and entertaining diversion.

And the extra couple of tricks it has up its sleeve mean you'll still be playing long after the novelty has warn off.

Gravity Guy 2

Fast, frantic, and fun, Gravity Guy 2 has a twist up its sleeve that distinguishes it from most other endless-runners. You can't help but enjoy playing it
Harry Slater
Harry Slater
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