Governor of Poker

Be honest, now - who hasn't wanted to be the Mayor of Canasta, or the Lord Chief Justice of Gin Rummy? Maybe even the Princess of Solitaire?

Well, no one, because those positions don't make any sense. Still, that hasn't stopped Connect2Media from offering you the chance to become the Governor of Poker.

Play your cards right

You play a swaggering, ten gallon hat-wearing cowboy who relies on his poker skills rather than his six shooters. It's your job to win tournaments throughout Texas, buying property with your ill-gotten gains and using your influence to become the titular official.

It's an eccentric premise, but it does a good job of drawing you through the game, ably abetted by solid poker gameplay.

You might be looking down at cartoon cowboy hats in a faux saloon, but the Texas Hold 'em being played is fast, authentic, and as modern as you like.

Quite hot poker

Players respond to your bluffs authentically, checking, raising, and folding like they're playing for real money. Governor of Poker manages to build up some real tension, despite looking like a prairie dog's dinner.

The Xperia Play optimisation leaves a little to be desired. The D-pad controls work well, but the game doesn't quite fit on the screen, so that the camera nauseatingly bounces around during games.

The lack of multiplayer is a shame, too, and just highlights the fact that this is yet another port of an older game.

Governor of Poker is fun, and well made, and it manages to capture poker better than a lot of other titles, but you can't help but it's not what you bought your Xperia Play for.

Governor of Poker

A decent poker simulator that captures the tension and excitement of the game really well, but doesn't quite fit on the Xperia Play