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Ghosts of Memories - Unfortunately some of those memories are a bit fresh

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| Ghosts of Memories
Ghosts of Memories - Unfortunately some of those memories are a bit fresh
| Ghosts of Memories
Wowzers, that looks pretty

Wowzers? Really? But yeah it does. This is Ghosts of Memories. It's a Monument Valley-inspired 3D puzzler with a gorgeous art style and some interesting ideas.

Monument Valley-inspired? So it's a clone?

No, not at all. It takes ideas from Monument Valley, and it wears them on its sleeve, but in a way it's more traditional. You're sliding blocks, casting spells, and making your way through a lovely looking, collapsing world.

Okay, so how does it control?

Er, it's okay. It's a little bit fiddly in places to be honest. You tap to move, and slide a finger around to move the blocks. But sometimes they don't click into place quickly enough, and you'll sort of have to wiggle them around to get them in the right place.

No one likes a fiddly game

Quite. It's not the end of the world though, and it's not a super regular occurrence. There's a hands-off approach here from the dev as well that means you're left to figure out most of the game for yourself. It's both a good and a bad thing.

Right, do the good first

Yes boss. It's always nice to be able to explore a game at your own pace, especially a mobile game, since they often pound your face in with tutorials until you know everything there is to know about every mechanic. And have no face. However...

Here comes the bad

The problem is the game doesn't signpost things brilliantly. So sometimes you're just traipsing around one of the small levels making confused sounds and not really knowing what to do next. It means the "eureka!" moments are more like "oh thank Christ," moments.

That does sound pretty bad

I know, right? And it's not a problem Monument Valley had, mainly because of its brilliantly designed levels. Ghost of Memories might look good, and some might say it looks better than its inspiration, but it's lacking that sharpness that made ustwo's game essential.

One to avoid then?

Not exactly. I think the game was always going to come off badly in comparison to what came before, but if you get past the problems - which are by no means deal breakers - you'll find a puzzler that sticks to its guns.

So a guarded recommendation?

That about covers it. It's not brilliant, and it's got its share of annoyances, but it looks really, really good, and there's a pretty big heart beating under the snazz. Just try not to play it too soon after Monument Valley.

Ghosts of Memories - Unfortunately some of those memories are a bit fresh

Ghosts of Memories has some nice ideas, but they're not as well implemented as those in its inspiration. Still, it's worth a look