Gears POP! tips, cheats - How to play and win in Horde mode

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Gears POP! tips, cheats - How to play and win in Horde mode

Team up and dominate with these Horde mode tips

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Gears of War is one of the most brutal and at times grotesque of the big-budget AAA shooter market. Gnarled chainsaws strapped to guns and gory creatures exploding in blood after being cut in half… It makes a perfect franchise to combine with the bleakest and and most brooding brand to hit the collectible plastic tat market… Funko Pop.

Gears Pop! was inevitable. It has long been foretold that the sun would eventually die and the earth would grow cold, but instead Funko rose from the earth's crust, heating the temperature of our atmosphere rapidly until we all die in an inferno. Hey, I'm not saying Funko are causing climate change with their figures, but is there a correlation between global temperate rise and their popularity? Absolutely (probably).

Anyway, the Gears Pop! game is pretty good, here are some tips on how to get access to, and win, in Horde mode.

How to access Horde mode

You won't have access to Horde mode immediately, because unlike the other modes in Gears Pop, you actually need to team up with a co-op partner. In order to do that, you'll need a team.

You can create your own team for the cost of 1000 coins (and if you do, please feel free to include your team name in the comments below!) or you can join the team of someone else. Joining a populated team is certainly the fastest way to get to a point where you can join in with horde mode.

Once you're in a decent team, you will need to invite a party member who is online. All online members will get a notification that you want to play, and the rewards are often too good for team mates to resist, so you should hopefully soon be able to get a partner willing to play through the waves of enemies.

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What's the difference?

Horde mode involves a much longer battlefield, and yourself and your partner will be going up against a single big bad guy. Unfortunately, he has some incredibly tough moves to kill your units, and will set up roadblocks to stop you.

He will summon bats which can wipe out a whole row, or any units near to him, but despite this, you have to get close no matter what.

As usual, you don't want enemy units coming towards you, so make sure to use multi-units to slow them down, and heavy hitters to damage their health.

Bat swarms

Bat swarms are the most annoying part of horde mode. They can wipe out a whole row of your units, but they're worst when they block the road.

The will just sprawl across the map, making passing impossible. You will need to use heavy firepower to fight through them and attack the boss on the other side, all while multiple enemies will come towards you.

The bat blockers can be taken down with the Butcher unit, and other units that exclusively target turrets and bases, and this is the best way to take them down.

New tactics

Because of the way horde mode is designed, it's even more important to keep enemies away from your base, and equally important to quickly take control of the cover points so you can spawn units closer to the enemy.

You will need to use small, disposable units to distract enemy firepower, and back them up with much stronger units to do damage and wipe out enemies.

It's also a good idea to conserve your energy for emergencies, and save your ultimate for when it can be used to back up your stronger units.

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