Location Mafia game Gbanga adds IAP: first $99 World Domination Satellite sold in six hours

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Location Mafia game Gbanga adds IAP: first $99 World Domination Satellite sold in six hours
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There's been plenty going on in mixed reality web/mobile game Gbanga since we first took a look at it.

As a quick recap, it's Mafia-style location-based check-in game with social gameplay that runs across web and mobile and smartphones (everything from iOS to BlackBerry, Android, Symbian).

It has you playing out quests, puzzles and themed mini-games around the buildings such as bars, restaurants and clubs in your locale.

As you capture these, they become the property of your Famiglia - you can capture complete cities too. Obviously, the more you explore and capture, the more points you can score.

If that wasn't enough, real world factors such as time, weather and nearby players affect the game, while items such as newspaper articles and billboards can also be integrated into the action.

Community is another key feature as you can chat with other players from around the world, trade items and use the friend radar option in the map mode.

Buying success

The most recent update to the game has seen the addition of in-app purchases. These boost your abilities in terms of taking-over rival Mafia locations.

Items available include the Police Megaphone, which you can use to fool your rivals into thinking it's a police raid. Costing 99c for three, the megaphone ensures 100 percent success in taking over your current cell location.

You can get the Respec' Da Bass (priced $9.99 for five units), which intimidates your rivals with this super high frequency sound system over 10 cells adjacent to your current location.

For high rollers however, the $99 World Domination Satellite gives you the ability to take over 450 random cells around the world, without you having to walk to each location. And to prove the system works, the first one was bought within six hours of it becoming available.

You can find out more about Gbanga in the following video or over on its website.

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