Free Fire’s latest Elite Pass, Guns for Hire, takes players to the gunslinging Old West

Free Fire’s latest Elite Pass, Guns for Hire, takes players to the gunslinging Old West

Giddy-up and get ready for the wild, wild west in Garena Free Fire’s latest Elite Pass, which lets players burst into the battlefield with guns a-blazing. The Guns for Hire Elite Pass adds an Old West charm into the battle royale arena, filling the fight with trigger-happy gunslingers and dangerous bounty hunters.

Survivors can fight to score the best bounty in Free Fire’s kill-or-be-killed cowboy-themed EP. Taking up a lawless career as a bounty hunter who stops at nothing to capture their prey is as simple as earning rewards from the Guns for Hire pass. The latest EP boasts of expensive-looking aesthetics that’ll make all heads turn to you as you step out into the battlefield in ultimate style.

Of course, being the centre of attention in a battle royale can be both a bane and a boon, but with your unmatched skills as the Regis (male) and Royal (female) Gunslinger, you’ll be sure to best your opponents even in a quick-draw match.

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Along with the Gunslinger Bundles come the Bounty Skull backpack skin, the Bounty Tombstone box skin, the Most Wanted grenade, skyboard, and baseball bat skins, and plenty of other in-game banners and avatars to really keep everything in sync with the western vibe of the EP.

There are tons of other reasons to strut your stuff in gold buckles and high boots with the Guns for Hire EP, and you can find out more about it in the embedded trailer above. For now, you can join in on the action of the insanely popular 10-minute survival shooter in the App Store and on Google Play. Free Fire is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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