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Dual Souls: The Last Bearer

Available on: iOS + Android

About Dual Souls: The Last Bearer

The spirit of old-school fighting games is back with Dual Souls: The Last Bearer. Inspired by classic fighting and modern game series Dual Souls: The Last Bearer delivers it all - it’s fast; it’s full-on; it’s tactical; it’s online and it’s FUN!

With fluid animations and colorful graphics, Dual Souls: The Last Bearer is a highly tactical game with multiple unique fighters, each with their own fighting styles and moves. The game also comes stacked with an array of awesome features:

- 10 Fighters, each with unique abilities. Characters include a dagger-wielding Ottoman warrior who excels in slap attacks; a giant kunai riding ninja; a Kazakh shaman who uses spirits to attack and curse opponents; a half-beast with his pet which helps to create combination attack patterns; a Templar knight who resists and counters opponent’s attacks.
- Cartoon-like HD Graphics - Big and detailed characters and backgrounds.
- Easy to use controls with a set-up to suit everyone: 4 attack buttons (Slash, Big Slash, Kick, Power).

- "Combo Mode" allows you chain normal, special and power moves easily in succession.
- Rich gameplay Modes - Arcade Mode, Online, Tutorials, Combo Challenges and Journey Mode (survival/customization mode).

- Color Edit Mode - Create custom-colored versions for your favorite fighters.

- Tactical Features - Enhance your gameplay style and create your own combos with features like "Block" and "Counter Block" (similar to "Parry" in SF3 games), "Recovery" and "Power Recovery" (similar to Roman Cancels in GG games), "Power Escape" (similar to Burst in GG games) and "Limit Break" attacks.
- Destroy your opponents with Style - Unlock the power of strategic Power Moves by selecting one "blue" type power move at the start of each fight.
- Access devastating "red" type powers move by filling your Power Meter.
- Access your character's unique "Chaos Drive" by spending your chaos point whenever you wish.
- Finish off your opponent with a character-specific method when they are on low health and you are on the winning round.
- Duel to the death! Cut your opponents in half with a strong attack at the end of a winning round.