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Who Will Escape?

Available on: iOS + Android

About Who Will Escape?

Original detective & mystery 3d story where you make decisions, examine rooms, search for clues to seek your way out and uncover the story.

You found yourself locked in a mansion you've never been. No clue how you got there, no clue how to get out. What will you do?

You're not alone. There are other characters in this story. Can you help each other? Find out the truth together.

Investigate rooms, examine objects, spot clues, communicate with other characters and seek your way out.

Cooperation or betrayal. Choose or others may choose for you. Discover story that your choices will lead to.

Main features of this interactive story:

*Original story idea - detective & thriller quest;
*Examine rooms and search for clues in first person view;
*Communicate with other characters to uncover the story;
*3d environment: feel yourself in the mansion;
*Your choices affect the story;
*Absolutely FREE. No ADS or In-App Purchases;

Feel free to send your feedback and questions to the authors of this story:
chiс[email protected]
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