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Available on: iOS + Android

About Cat Tap

Welcome to Cat Tap! Unleash your inner feline as you take control of cats knocking things off tables and causing as much mess as pawsible!

Unlock new breeds and skins as you level up and win your cat's affection. Spend your hard-earned Cat Coins to collect and dress your cats in the coolest cat couture.

Visit the Lucky Cat Gacha for your chance of winning some seriously pawsome stuff.

Cat Tap is full of cattitude.

The game features:

- Unique play modes, knock items off to gain points and survive as long as possible!
- Activate frenzy mode to release some serious cattitude
- 4 unique breeds to unlock and love
- Gain your cat's affection by playing with it every day to max out their hearts!
- Dress your cat in the finest cat couture, from colourful bow ties to pawsome space suits.
- Spend your Cat Nip and test your luck in the Lucky Cat gachas!
- Future events in the works!

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