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Available on: iOS

About Modern Day Heroes

Dedicated to all the FRONTLINE workers…

Help our MODERN DAY HEROES by dodging, swiping and flicking fun obstacles placed in their way. You don’t need a cape to become a SUPERHERO so we ask, which frontline hero are you?

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of the ambulance! Help the paramedic get patients to hospital while avoiding the peak hour traffic. But wait, the hospital is also running low on supplies, so your other crucial task is to drag the supplies into the building as you protect your patients.

We can thank the Janitor for keeping our surfaces clean. Blast those germs with sanitiser foam and if you are quick enough, look out for the SOAP STORM and MAGIC MOP which will give you immunity for 3 seconds – you’ll need all the help you can get to get rid of the grime.

It takes a special person who becomes a nurse and that includes our very own Nurse Nick. Help him deliver much-needed medication to the patients but be warned, if you accidentally tap on a surgical glove, mask or hand sanitiser, you’ll lose precious time!

Help the delivery driver dodge traffic and deliver food to our hungry residents. But be careful, on the way you need to avoid those pesky seagulls that are coming for your food. As you progress, your customers become hungrier, so you’d better start practicing your weaving skills.

Granny Grey loves to go for a walk forgetting to keep her distance. Help KEEP our citizens SAFE by creating barriers when the city becomes crowded and our citizens get too close. Uh-oh, it seems that as the day progresses, we also have mums with prams and joggers crowding our space. Can you keep everyone safe when it all gets too busy?

We are so close to discovering a cure, but the laboratory keeps getting contaminated and our scientists are getting a little hungry after working all day and night. Your mission is to drag the necessary provisions to the lab whilst protecting the research from contaminants.

What does a pinball machine and a bellhop have in common? It makes for a SUPER FUN and ADDICTIVE game where the bellhop has to keep his guests safe by pinging away the tumbling robbers. One robber is easy to manage, but how do you stop the onslaught as you progress?

And more modern heroes...

Get to the highest level to unlock the global leader board where you get a chance to rank your progress amongst the world's best. Alternatively, beat your own score and spend hours trying to reach your personal best.

This is a top game of pure fun with an ode to retro games such as pinball and space invaders. Suitable for all ages and a super quirky game that you can easily immerse yourself for hours on end.