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Available on: iOS + Android

About Hard Crisis

Crash landing on an unexpected planet.

Threats from various aliens inhabiting the planet.
They aim to return to Earth amid anxiety and uncertainty over their survival.

Six months after the main character entered the training school, a test was conducted once every six months to join the investigation team.
The test was to investigate a planet. The destination of the trainee team, including the main character, was a planet that was investigated by a person that the main character admired.
Whether with admiration for the universe or ambition to acheive excellent results, the main characters each flew with their own goals, but crashed with a space debris and landed on an unexpected planet.
One missing member. A broken spaceship. The main characters who cannot contact the base and have to escape the planet by themselves start investigating the planet.

-Game overview-
This app is a investigation survival RPG set in an unknown planet.
The main characters who have crash landed on an unexpected planet.
Encounter with unknown aliens. Frozen blizzards, suffocating poisonous swamps, etc.
While a momentary judgment decides life or death, the key to clear the mission is to guide all the heroes to escape safely.

▼ Simple and beautiful dot painting
All graphics are drawn with dots.
Enjoy the loneliness and unique eerieness within the simplicity.

▼A map with volume that allows long-time explorations
The unknown planet has various environments, and different aliens inhabit each environment.
The routes you explore are recorded and you can receive rewards if you walk through all of it!

▼Multi-ending that changes depending on the user's selection
There are 6 endings in total.
The story changes depending on the actions taken by the user.
Aim for everyone to escape!