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Shinobi Run Endless

Available on: iOS

About Shinobi Run Endless

Death does not come easy for a shinobi.

Fight your way on an endless blood-thirsty journey. Travel across the ancient alps to confront the Tsuchigumo clan and seek vengeance for the death of your family. Cursed with eternal life, you will die and resurrect till you achieve the highest score you can! Other shinobis are on the same path as you, but only one can hold the mantle of being the ultimate shinobi!


- Easy to learn, difficult to master combat system

- Sprint, jump, slide, and throw smoke bombs to defeat your foes

- Collect time orbs to extend your life and continue your onslaught

- Resurrection is a common tool for the vengeful shinobi. Shadows never die!

- Utilize the target sensor to time your attacks for the most critical damage

- Equip various game-changing items from the Shop. Mix and match to fit your unique play style

- Challenge your friends with Game Center. Compete for the best score, best streak, best time, and most perfect kills

- Compete to maintain your weekly rank badges with players from around the world