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Double Pug Switch

Available on: iOS + Android

About Double Pug Switch

Play as a Pug! Jump, hop and dimension swap your way through this precision platformer!

"It's so much fun!!! I've been playing it all week" - Puggy Smalls

"Simple "one more turn" gameplay will keep you engaged from start to finish!" - Keengamer

"The Polygon Loft has created something truly special here" - GameByte

Double Pug Switch is a challenging, but easy to learn single-player 2D precision-platformer. Take control of a Pug who can swap between dimensions!

• Dimension-Swapping Pug Platforming!
• Unique hats to unlock - Cowboy hat, welders mask, even a brain slug!
• Loads of levels spread across different dimensions!
• Unique powerups to shrink, launch, bounce and accelerate your Pug
• Become a pugillionaire by collecting gold coins to spend in the hat shop
• Find the special hidden purple coins
• Game Center achievements
• Challenge yourself with the ultimate in Pug gaming!