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PG Awards 2021 Nominee!


Publisher: Derek Seibel
| Available on: iOS

About Deadword

DEADWORD is a survival word game.
As the DEAD surround the city, you'll need to use your HEAD to avoid the HERD. It's not HARD to WARD off the enemies, as long as you find the right WORD.


DEADWORD is a pixelated brain puzzler. Link four-letter words as you strategically move through the city, avoiding zombies, gathering supplies, and investigating clues. Discover Perks along the way that will give you the necessary skills to survive! Loot supplies and find items to patch your wounds, find your way, and distract the zombies! Can you escape DEADWORD?

DEADWORD features a Story Mode with a fun and challenging journey across 30 chapters. Each playthrough is different, offering a new experience every time!

DEADWORD is a free app with intermittent advertisements. Purchase the DEADWORD Extras Pack to remove ads, unlock Endless Mode, and unlock all Perks and gain an extra Perk slot.

Endless Mode: How long can you survive? Progress through chapter after chapter of ever increasing difficulty. Ration supplies and make strategic choices to stay alive as long as possible!

Bliss Mode: OMG puppies! Forget about the zombies for a while and just pet puppies. Seriously. No stress, just puppies. Tummy rubs for everyone!

DEADWORD features slick pixelated graphics and a killer soundtrack.

Use your brain... before you lose it!