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Oinky the Piggy: On Farm Game Hub
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Oinky the Piggy: On Farm
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Oinky the Piggy: On Farm

Available on: iOS

About Oinky the Piggy: On Farm

Meet all animals at the farm and solve their puzzles. As a reward listen to what sounds they make and watch how funny they are!

Perfect educational puzzle game for toddlers and preschoolers. Full of adorable and funny animations and sounds.

Oinky's farm is never quiet. There's always some crowing, peeping, mewing and grunting. No wonder the place is sometimes out of control. Can you become a farmer for a while and put in order all muddled animals? Cute piggy Oinky will be happy to help you and guide you through the whole game. He can't wait to see you at his cheerful farm!


◆ Perfect educational game for toddlers and preschoolers (3+ years).
◆ Loads of educative activities.
◆ Children memory training, pattern recognition practising, refining of reasoning skills and learning what sounds animals make.
◆ Intelligent auto-adaptive game difficulty to fit your child's abilities.
◆ Clever game progression to keep your child engaged.
◆ Hours of both meaningful and amusing activities.
◆ Tons of adorable and funny animations and sounds.
◆ Two puzzle sizes (3×3 and 4×4) to choose from.
◆ Child-friendly interface – no reading skills needed.
◆ Ad-free app with fair pricing (buy once and play on all devices).
◆ Complete localization to English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
◆ Fine-tuned performace for all iPhone, iPad & Apple TV models running iOS 9 and newer.


Tiny Fingers is a young company devoted to bring meaningful, hi-quality, ad-free and fair priced games to your little ones. We will introduce to you our whole animal world step-by-step. Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter @tinyfingersco.