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Hero Ball Z
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Hero Ball Z

Publisher: JoyCity
| Available on: iOS + Android


Meet Hero Ball Z!

▶A Character Collector RPG◀
> It’s nothing like any other typical shooters. Say hello to a character collector RPG shooter!
> Don’t stop combining and upgrading your heroes!

▶ Unique Heroes at Your Service! ◀
> Awesome characters from mega-hit game “Game of Dice” came back as heroes!
> Defend the planet Earth with sensational heroes!

▶ Various Characters with Unique Skills ◀
> Place heroes according to their types and lead them to victory!
> Evolve to make them stronger!

▶ Filled with Eye-Catching, Breathtaking Actions ◀
> Exploding fun with awesome characters you can’t help but love!
> Check out each hero’s amazing skills in the game now!

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