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Emergent Fates

Available on: iOS

About Emergent Fates

Personable characters, rich world history, and a thought provoking storyline are combined with beautiful water-coloured 2d graphics for an artistic and narrative experience, while multi-class levelling, turn-based battles and player-chosen skill development allow for deep customization and immersion.

A young student, Rasch, graduates into the Knight's Academy and is suddenly thrust into political intrigue... An enigmatic woman, Ava, travels the world hunting powerful spectral beings for reasons known only to herself.... A scientist with few scruples, Glass, examines the coexistence of parallel dimensions and their lifeforms... Through the eyes of a few people, uncover the grander underlying stories of an entire world.

• Immerse yourself in a brand new narrative driven role playing game

• Watch a complex and engaging story unfold with unique, vibrant, and sometimes untrustworthy characters

• Hunt monsters and demons across multiple world regions

• Buy, Sell, and Forge new items in each town you visit

• Carefully strategize your actions via a classic turn based battle system

• Choose from among multiple unique classes per player to level up

• Pick and choose abilities across each class to bring into battle