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High Rise (2020)

Available on: iOS + Android


High Rise is a innovative take on the match 3 genre. A relaxed casual puzzle experience. Match colourful cubes and watch them merge, grow and your 3D puzzle cityscape rise.

The game is complete in its free version but will show you ads occasionally. Those who prefer an add-free experience can remove them with the cheapest possible In-App-Purchase and also support us updating this game and creating new ones.
No hidden costs or cheap tricks.

Easily Rotate your 3D city with a swipe of your finger, place cubes with a tab and let them merge and grow higher. And higher. And higher...
Simple and engaging gameplay that is easy to learn but leaves a lot of space for your own tactics and personal improvement.

• Innovative but easy gameplay
• Simple and fun mechanics
• A Relaxed puzzle experience
• See your colorful city grow
• Compare your city score with your friends and the whole world
• Free with Ads
• Remove all adds for 1/3 cup of coffee
• No hidden costs or cheap tricks