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Imperfect Hero

Available on: iOS + Android


Download and play Imperfect Hero today - the most diverse, replayable, and unique game on the market.

Imperfect Hero features:
• 3 Game Modes
• 5 Regions
• 100 Levels
• 5 Unique Power-Ups
• 10 Upgrades
• 10 Attires
• 15+ Enemies/Obstacles

Organizations around the world have confirmed the existence of alien life, and it may be a matter of time before we get an uninvited guest. World Operations, a collaboration of planet Earth’s smartest minds, talent, and leaders, have come together to create what they believe will be the best defense against any extraterrestrial attack.

Train and build Beta into the hero the world hopes it may never need. Trek through 5 different regions across the globe, 100 levels, and 3 different game modes, all in an attempt to train and develop this all but perfect hero.

But be careful, as our hero is in fact, imperfect. One hit by a dangerous obstacle/enemy, you’ll find the world’s last hope in pieces. Not to worry though, get back into the action quickly by restarting the level or reviving Beta for an easy pick up.

Imperfect Hero is by far the most extensive platformer, with massive replayability among it’s 3 major game modes.
• Campaign mode treks through 100 levels all in 5 different regions, in an action/adventure platformer causing you to run, jump, and power your way to the end.
• Survival mode puts your stamina to the test in an interesting action fashion as you must collect orbs to increase your time remaining, while evading and destroying anything in your way across 5 varying regions.
• Endless mode puts the casual and arcade gamers at ease with an endless run through 5 distinctive regions, however, there will be no shortage of obstacles and enemies that come across your path.

With well over 15 enemies/obstacles, 5 major power-ups, 10 different attires, 10 upgrades, 5 regions, levels and game modes that vastly differ from each other, and countless hours of playtime, the value of Imperfect Hero is exceptional.

Imperfect Hero is a game that has been developed and monetized by a gamer, for a gamer. Being completely free to play, with optional in-game items that can be purchased, and optional incentive video advertisements, not a single payment nor a second of time is asked of you while you play this game. Imperfect Hero is created in the hopes of providing value, excellence, and comfort in the gaming experience across iOS platforms.

Please keep in mind, Imperfect Hero is developed and released by M INTERACTIVE INC. as an Early Access Edition, and is currently in development. If you find Imperfect Hero not performing up to standard, please do not hesitate in contacting us at [email protected] & let us know your thoughts, concerns, or suggestions. Furthermore, M INTERACTIVE INC. will continuously provide updates to ensure Imperfect Hero performs, well … perfectly.