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Available on: iOS + Android


Becoming Bytes™ is an engaging, free-to-download monster-raising and action simulation game featuring stunning 2D graphics, highly polished gameplay and a fun and rewarding monster collecting system introduced in a new, original way to the mass casual audience on mobile. 

Lead your Byte Monsters into arena battles in this fighting game. Feed, Play and train your Byte monster, then face the ultimate challenge: real-time battles against other Byte trainers!

You will be entrusted with your first Byte monster. You can care for the monster as much or as little as you choose and the outcome depends on your actions.

Train and Collect a variety of Byte Monsters: new monsters will be added to the game concurrently.

Train and Evolve your Byte Monster and discover Monsters of different elements through your own destiny.

Train & Level-up your Byte monster in Dungeon Battles and rank them up in the PVP mode to break their limits.

Boost your monster’s power with boosters to gain advantages in battles.

Fight PvP battles each season for rewards, and a chance to win real cash rewards!

Simple Controls!
Battle it out with responsive and simple controls. Show your Byte’s strength with special attack combinations and dynamic effects.

Are you skillful enough to fight for your chance to become the #1 Byte Trainer in the world?


Becoming Bytes™ is still in Open Beta. Please notice that all user’s data will be reset and progress will be unrecoverable upon completion of Beta testing (estimated end April 2020). We look forward to having you play our game, as we are also looking for the community’s feedback to shape a better gameplay experience of Becoming Bytes™. Thank you for your gracious support!

Music by Kentaro Sato.

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