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Letters & Sodas

Developer: The Frosty Pop Corps Inc.
Publisher: The Frosty Pop Corps Inc.
| Available on: iOS

About Letters & Sodas

There are about 4000 four-letters words in the English language.

Chapter 1:
Back in my day, I didn’t have a fancy phone like you do. So to kill time, I obsessed over the game 15-tile. Oh, you've heard of it? The one with 15 numbered tiles on a grid? And the one empty tile-space? You have to use brute force until they are in order, yes?

Chapter 2:
Yeah, anyways, this isn't that game. Too remedial for you. But, let me tell you what. I added some letters. I removed some tiles. And now, you've got a limited number of moves to match the given word by ordering the tiles into the centre row of the board. Sounds simple enough, doesn't it? Good luck Chief. By level three you'll be dealing with locks. Then bombs. Then, well...

The game begins with 130 puzzles (with plenty of updates to come). It has haptic feedback, lovely typography, and a tasty color palette. The title of the game comes from a Liz Phair song. The game is iPhone X optimized, comes with a nice iMessage sticker pack, and doubles as a Scrabble dictionary.