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2 Minutes in Space

Available on: iOS + Android

About 2 Minutes in Space

Go to space, full of asteroids, gravitational fields and nebulas.
Be hunted by ruthless missiles and shot back!
Be fast, be strong, be robust! You have to survive!

*** HOW TO PLAY ***

- Control the ship with the joystick, whole screen or left/right buttons.
- Fly any of 13 Ships
- Choose 1 of 5 Game Modes: Moon, Asteroid Field, Orion Nebula, Gravitational Field and The Fleet
- Collect gold to unlock new spaceships with different abilities and weapons.
- Use Shields, Weapons, Speed Boost and other Power-Ups to survive as long as possible
- Compete with others on Game Center Leaderboards.

Good luck in exploring the far reaches of galaxy, overcoming the obstacles and aiming for just one goal… SURVIVAL!