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Available on: iOS + Apple Arcade


A new, fun, fast paced, cross-platform soccer game for 2020.

Sociable Soccer is ultra-flexible and accessible, offering something for everyone:
• Gameplay is fast and intuitive with controls for touch screen and controllers.
• Control the full team or simply manage and watch, switch it up whenever you like.
• Take on other players manager controlled teams online.
• Play head to head matches offline (requires two controllers).
• Develop your team by collecting 25,000 upgradable player cards, from 1,000 international teams.
• Addition of licensed content from CSL
• Seasonal League System, 60 hour campaign mode taking on the world of soccer & ad hoc friendly matches.
• Dominate the ranking tables and represent the club you love.
• Presentation style is light and fun with sports depth for people who want it.
• From the designer of the legendary ‘Sensible Soccer’ series, enjoyed by 20 million gamers.

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