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***Free episode and more Gift Diamonds for you to Roleplay choices based stories & games. Check out our Instagram @YourMomentSQ for details***

Calling for fans and otaku of Aggretsuko and all things choices based stories & games in Anime, thriller, Mysteries, Superheroes, Comedy, Drama, sci-fi and more. Frequent new episode releases. Many free games, episode and it's fun in messenger format. Our fans on Instagram love us because we listen to their stories and voice, adapt and feature their content.

MomentSQ™ was featured by CNET as one of the top coolest mobile games at Game Developer Conference (GDC) in 2019, which is a major annual game industry event in San Francisco.

Soon after the release of Sanrio's Aggretsuko second season on Netflix as the Original Anime series in June 2019, now comes the exciting chance to get behind the mobile screen just like in messenger and chat away with Retsuko & co on MomentSQ™ and influence the story plot based on your choices. It sure is fun-filling free games for Otaku fans.

Bandersnatch meets Aggretsuko in roleplay chat stories drama episode.

Storytelling should be social and connected. We draw inspiration from fans on Instagram.

Delivered in a text chat messenger format, you can meet and interact with characters like your own friends in these chat stories. Make your choices to increase your friendship, romantic chemistry or chance to . Select from an array of genres, including superheroes, fantasy, romantic comedy, thriller, sci-fi, and more.

• Episodic approach: Regular and ongoing content release in episode
• Free games and episode: The first episode of all MomentSQ™ stories is always free so players can get a feel for the stories before purchasing it. No baiting for subscriptions;
• Gripping Stories: Our stories are written by authors who’ve established well-known IPs with proven track records, now crafting immersive experiences in this new format;
• Cross-over content: Many of our stories come with their unique characters, emojis and gif reactions that can be used across all the stories - with every character reacting differently to them.

The introduction of the Aggretsuko Moment game is a great addition to the current roster of established writers and stories on Moment Square™. MomentSQ™ is the first game platform that aims to deliver high-quality stories in diverse genres, created by established writers around the world including:

• Emmy Award winning series Emma Approved by Bernie Su
• Hit interactive stories & games Heroes Rise: The Hero Project by Zachary Sergi, a truly inspiring, high-quality CG animated short Milafilm by Cinzia Angelini
• A well-known successful pyscho-thriller stories game STAY by developer Appnormals
• A murder-mystery tale called Summerland by Jennie Kong

It is a collective collaboration among the best creative talents in storytelling, games, art, and technology.

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