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Weaving Tides

Developer: Follow the Feathers
| Available on: Steam


Experience a big, strange new world full of adventure and secrets. In this world Tass seems
to be the only one of his kind - a human. Accompanied by his foster dad, Kilim he sets out to
chase the mysteries of his past. However the world he calls his home is undergoing some
dark, unexplained changes and what once lied dormant beneath the weave awakens.
? Dive into an enchanting, woven world and reveal secret pathways.
? Stitch and cut your way through the textile landscape and wrap up your foes using
your Weavers unique stitching abilities .
? Solve tricky textile puzzles which are scattered across the world.
? Conquer Zelda-like dungeons but beware of their fearsome guardians!
? Befriend three different Weavers, choose the one that fits your playstyle.
? Outfit your Weavers with mystic embroideries to enhance their abilities.
? Uncover hidden mysteries packed in a charming story .