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HyperBrawl Tournament

Available on: iOS + Apple Arcade

About HyperBrawl Tournament

The ultimate game of futuristic combat handball. Assemble your team of intergalactic heroes, then score your way to victory using outrageous weapons and physics defying power-ups. Use your powers to curve your shots mid-flight to score unbelievable goals and smash your opponent out of the arena in this Science Fantasy Arcade game.

Game Features:
- Unlock 12 cups to become the new protector of the universe and ultimate hyper brawler.
- Unlock 12 unique intergalactic heroes and 8 outrageous weapons, then personalize these through in-game cosmetics.
- Experiment and build your ideal team of 2 heroes and weapons from up to 4000+ combinations that suit your playstyle
- Compete in 12 unique and challenging arenas across the Universe. Each with their own unique obstacles to master.
- Compete in 4 distinct single player and multiplayer modes available both online and offline.
- Blitz Mode: A competitive online 1v1 multiplayer mode where win streaks earn you trophies, global leader board placements and cosmetic rewards.
- Friends Private Mode: An online casual mode where you can battle it out with 2-4 friends in a private lobby space.
- Campaign Mode: A single player League and Cup mode where you create your ideal team and take on the Universe’s finest.
- Arcade Mode: A local 1-4 player casual couch play mode for all occasions that your friends and family will love.